Daily Carbohydrate Intake Calculator

In the calculator below, after selecting the gender, activity level and target of the person you want to calculate the carbohydrate requirement, enter the height in centimeters, weight in kilograms and age and press the calculate button.

Below this page, you can also find the answers for frequently asked questions about this subject.
Daily Carbohydrate Intake Calculator
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What is carbohydrate?

Carbon is the name given to organic compounds consisting of hydrogen and oxygen atoms.

What foods are carbohydrates in?

Most bread, pasta, beans, potatoes, bran, rice, cereals and cereals are found in. In nature they are usually in the form of large molecules. In order for these large molecules to be delivered to the cells, they must be digested by the living organism and broken down to the appropriate molecular size.

What does carbohydrate do in the body?

It is the third most common nutrient in the body. They are used as a first degree energizer in the body. They are stored as glycogen in animals and starch and cellulose in plants.

What is carbohydrate need?

Energy is consumed during body functions and daily activities. Some of this energy should come from carbohydrates taken into the body. In general, this rate is around 45% - 65%. Since most of the energy will be used during the day, it will be beneficial for health to do most of the carbohydrate intake in the early hours of the day. In the late hours, it would be more beneficial to prefer protein intake.

What does carbohydrate deficiency cause?

B vitamins, some amino acids and fiber deficiency are seen. In addition, fatigue, fatigue, depression, forgetfulness, nervous system disorders, digestive system disorders, protein production can not be used by the body as a result of reduced production and repair, inadequate fiber intake in the long term due to cancer and heart diseases can be seen.

How is your daily carbohydrate requirement calculated?

Part of the body's daily energy needs should be provided from carbohydrates taken into the body. In general, this rate is around 45 - 65%. So if a person spends 2000 calories in a day, 900-1300 calories should come from carbohydrates. Since the daily calorie requirement depends on different criteria such as gender, age, body weight and daily activity level, daily carbohydrate requirement varies according to the same criteria.

Does carbohydrate intake help to gain or lose weight?

Caloric intake below the body's daily caloric requirement will trigger the weight loss process, while caloric intake above the daily caloric requirement will trigger the weight gain process. Therefore, carbohydrate intake than daily need can cause weight gain, while taking less than daily need can cause weight loss. To reduce weight, carbohydrate intake can be reduced and protein intake increased to maintain balance.

How many calories in 1 gram carb?

Each gram contains 4 calories of energy.